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Surveying Exams

The LS and LSIT exams are major surveying exams and the Survey Stakeout software does an excellent job of helping you through the test quickly and painlessly.

Download Ncees calculator policy 137 kb pdf

Download Latest Hp 33s Instructions 26.5 kb pdf

Download New Check problems for hp 33s programs 23.5 kb doc

Bearing Azimuth Conversion programs 4-09-06(pdf)

California zone program by Antonio Arcillas(pdf)

Download Ls LSIT math questions 623.5 kb doc

Download Ls LSIT math answers 623.5 kb doc

Download Trigstar sample problems  222 kb doc

Download Quadratic Equation Program by Benji Deberry  24.5 kb doc

Download 1973 blm manual  29 Mb pdf

Download Free traverse and inverse program by John Butcher   20.5kb.pdf

Download Free traverse and inverse program by John Butcher for south based azimuth only   20.5kb.pdf

Download Free polar to rectangular program and hms+ and hms- program by John Butcher  21.5kb.pdf

Please read or the overlay will not print properly   19.5kb.doc

Download a Free hp33s Overlay from Jim Deitrick 16 kb PDF

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